Thursday, July 17, 2014

Environmentalism Fail

While writing the earlier post on the unwillingness of climate change believers to reduce their carbon footprints, I remembered this ad from a couple years ago titled "No Pressure."  It shows people who are unwilling to reduce their carbon footprints being gleefully killed, and naturally caused such an outcry it was banished to the far reaches of Hell.

In a way, it's sad the ad disappeared so quickly.  It was from a group called 10:10 global, which was "asking" people to cut their carbon emissions by 10% a year.  A number of rich and big name liberals, such as Prince Charles, publicly supported the initiative.  When the ad disappeared the whole movement fizzled, which is really a shame, because we never got to find out whether all the rich liberals behind the initiative truly reduced their carbon footprints.  While the movement died publicly, that shouldn't have stopped them from trying to save Mother Earth.  Right?

One thing that always got to me about the movement was the fact that the lower classes were supposed to reduce their carbon footprints by the same percentage as the rich.  If you ask me, carbon footprint reduction should follow the same rules as progressive taxation, those with larger carbon footprints should be expected to reduce theirs by a greater amount then those with lesser footprints.  After all, everyone needs to do their "fair share."

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