Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Why I'm watching sports less and less

For most of my life I have been an absolute sports fanatic.  I would follow almost every sport to some degree, watch whatever game I was on.  I could even watch the same Sportscenter hour after hour. All of that has changed recently, however.  Any desire I have had to watch and follow sports has abruptly disappeared.  I might still have a game on while I am doing other things, and I will peruse the scores every morning, but something has significantly changed for me.

I've read several posts in the manosphere deploring men to play sports, not watch sports.  These posts have helped point out to me how watching sports is a passive activity that can often be a waste of time when there are more important activities one can actively engage in.  For me, this realization came after several incidents in sports that have made me feel that they are no longer worth watching and following.  The SJWs have been attacking sports for several years, and the various league's have been giving in on one front after another.  Sometimes it feels like the games are secondary to whatever "message" needs to be conveyed from week to week.

A significant portion of my turning away from sports can more accurately be described as a turning away from sports journalism, which has been so fully captured by the SJWs that there seems to be almost no coverage of the actual games anymore.  Of course, this is a trend that stared long ago and has a lot of causes.  The people who work for ESPN came to believe long ago that they were bigger then the sports they covered, and everything at the network has reflected that.  I remember several years ago, shortly after LeBron James announced he was going to the Heat on his ESPN special, a friend of mine on Facebook said that ESPN no longer covered sports, they consisted of nothing other then rumors and speculation, most of which was wrong.  The personalities there want to make names for themselves, and they seem to believe the best way to do that is to report scoops, not the games themselves.

I feel like I would be remiss if I didn't mention the worst offender in the poor sports coverage department, NBC's Football Night in America.  The show is so atrocious that I almost believe it was put together with the purpose of making football so boring no one will want to watch the sport.  It's an hour and a half show that is supposed to cover the action of the day, but shows almost zero highlights.  I truly believe that Chris Berman's fastest three minutes in football contains more highlights then this show.  Still, the highlights are better then the analysis, which is done by former players and coaches who seem to have less knowledge of the game then someone watching it for the first time.  Then, once the analysis is over, they go to Peter King and Mike Florio, who somehow are getting big money to tell us such things as "You know that guy whose leg bent in a way that legs aren't supposed to bend and got carted off the field howling in pain with a bone protruding from his skin.  My "insider sources" tell me he's going to be out for a while.  At least two weeks."

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