Monday, May 19, 2014

Grade Inflation

The sentiments expressed in this article on grad inflation is something I've seen during my time in academia.  Students will complain to anyone about their grades, and professors can often be forced to up their students' grades by administrators.  Also, student evaluations are a key part of a professor's performance reviews, and students will only give good reviews to professors that give high grades.

Despite all the pressure professors are under to inflate grades, it is still frustrating to here them complain about grade inflation as if they had absolutely nothing to do with it.  They all play along in order to keep their jobs, and then complain about the "everyone gets a trophy" mentality.  This wouldn't be as big a deal if so many of them weren't always patting themselves on the back for all the brave "stands" they're willing to take. Their unwillingness to stop grade inflation shows that when it comes to taking a stand that will truly jeopardize their jobs, they fold like a cheap tent.

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