Monday, May 5, 2014

Cleveland Kidnapping Victim Speaks

Watched the Michelle Knight interview on Dateline last night.  Found it unbelievably annoying how Savannah Guthrie talked to her like she was a four year old.  I know Dr. Phil took a good amount of grief for his interview, but it was a real interview with raw answers from Michelle.  Watching the Dateline interview, I got the impression that her story has been greatly sanitized and Oprah-fied to make it more marketable for mass consumption.

A year ago, when the girls escaped, half of the story was the decrepit neighborhood where they were found and the kind of people who lived in said neighborhood.  It was a  reminder for others that places like that neighborhood exist.  However, now that a year has passed, we have safely forgotten all those unpleasantries. and Michelle's story has been turned into an uplifting tale of overcoming a generic tragedy.

Now we can get back to real tales of hardship, like the pain our elites suffer for not being worshipped enough by subjects they rule over.

Update: The Cleveland television stations just had a story on the girls' rescue.  None of the footage from the neighborhood recorded that night was played.

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