Sunday, September 21, 2014

Locomotive Roundhouse

I recently went to this old-style locomotive roundhouse that some millionaire built near my father's hometown.  It's meant to be a replica of the 19th century roundhouses where locomotives were repaired.  There is a website for it you can visit here.  It's not open to the public yet, as they currently don't seem willing to go through all the permit processes they would need to in order to open it as a public museum.   I was able to visit it as the education association for my dad's old high school had a fundraising event there.  While I'm not much of a train aficionado, it was interesting to go through and just marvel at what they built.  Most of the tour was about the things they had to do to construct it, such as hauling enough dirt to raise the ground 4-6 feet.  It's unfathomable to think someone spent so much money on something as a personal hobby.  I hope one day he or someone else will be willing to open it to the public, because it is quite the sight to see.

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