Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Chase Bank Suspends Accounts

Chase Bank recently suspended the individual bank accounts of several porn stars as outlined in this article here.  The article doesn't explicitly state the government was behind the actions, but when I first heard the news the other day, it seemed obvious Chase had to be feeling pressure from somewhere.

This kind of news should be a wake up call to people and industries that have normally been persecuted by the right, but believe the left is willing to leave them alone.  The left craves government power, and will use it against anybody.  The relatively low stature porn stars occupy in our society makes them easy targets for actions such as this.  Chase's actions should worry a lot of people.  If the government is behind their actions, it's likely doing this as a test run for going against bigger fish in the future.

I haven't seen any mention of how Chase identified the porn star's accounts, and it's a detail that would be interesting to know.  Most porn stars operate under stage names, so Chase likely couldn't just run a program comparing account names to a list of known porn stars.  They likely followed the money trail from the porn businesses to the star's accounts.  If this is what they did, then it would seem to me like the government is behind it.  I'm sure Holder would love to be able to apply pressure to the banks and get them to suspend the accounts of people who work for or do business with the gun industry.

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